Keilani Gleave

Provo City Center Temple Cultural Celebration

Costume Director

July 2015 - May 2016

​​Costume and Prop Director

​I was asked to serve as the sole Costume/Prop Director for the Provo City Center Temple Cultural Celebration. With the opening of each new LDS temple, the members of the community gather to perform in an opening-ceremonies-style event. Professionals from a multitude of fields are asked to donate their time and skills to creating an experience the youth will never forget. Fewer than 50 temples have had Cultural Celebrations in the United States since 1836, and less than a dozen have been of this size. This particular temple is a restoration, the result of a devastating fire in 2011. I am incredibly thankful and honored to have been selected to help realize this incredible, once in a lifetime event.

  • ​Coordinated, designed, and assembled costumes for 4.5k participants, ages 12 to 18
  • ​Worked closely with several international vendors through design and production phases, as well as US Customs and Border Patrol
  • ​Organized distribution, fittings, and return of over 8k props and costumes​ 
  • ​Assisted with visual and production decisions for overall event, including lighting, stage management, and broadcasting.
  • ​Helped manage website, online calendars, and other technical elements

​For copyright reasons, I cannot post video of the event on this site. If you would like to see video, please contact me directly.